Manufacturing process

Grafting of agricultural organic resources on the highest level

Organic Wheat

Only selected wheat from certified organic farming is used to produce our 1310 vodka. Wheat is one of the original primary products for vodka production and has a very pure starch. The result is a silky and mellow alcohol.

Stahlkolonne Weizen


The organic wheat is grinded and then mashed for several days. After the fermentation the mash is distilled in copper- and steel columns – how often is a well kept secret. Only the purest middle-cut, the heart, is used for 1310 vodka.


A well-defined and very slowly executed filtration process is conducted to eliminate unwanted flavors. The outcome is a ultra-clear product.


The smoothest Austrian spring water is used to reduce the alcohol level to 40% vol. The especially mild and distinctly pure spring water gives 1310 vodka an extra smoothness. After the marriage of alcohol and water 1310 vodka is allowed to rest in order to get an entirely well balanced and mellow vodka. And above all, 1310 vodka can breath in the over 700 years of tradition and history.



1310 vodka is handmade in small batches. Every production step, which is executed on the farm, is done by hand.


We are very aware of our resources and our environment – therefore only certified organic and genetically unmodified products are used for our 1310 vodka. Even our product design meets sustainability requirements. We only use bottles with a low net weight – therefore the impact on the environment while transporting 1310 vodka is kept very low.