History & philosophy

1310 – The Spirit of the Country

The name 1310 derives from the year the „Bauernhubergut“, the place where 1310 vodka is produced, was first mentioned in a document. Since then, for more than 700 years, it is our family’s ancestral home.

Hauschronik Bauernhub

We, the young owners of the Vierkanthof*, are very aware of our 700 year family history. The traditions and the awareness of the responsibility were passed on from one generation to another. Based on the knowledge which has been accumulated and passed on, we are able to interpret our history in a new way.

It was our dream to create something pure and honest, handmade and very personal. Traditional production methods therefore were only adapted as it was really necessary.

More than 700 years of tradition

Our business, 1310 Spirits, is young and dynamic and it bears the traditions and values of more than 700 years in mind. With your feet well stuck to the ground your mind can go beyond.

The appearance of our company and products is highly influenced by this. Even though our mother tongue is not English we have chosen to present our vodkas and ourselves in English using „Spirit“ and „Country“ very specifically: We produce alcohol in the countryside and you will find the soul of the home in every bottle.